Filling in the details

The internet is a great way to find inspiration for the “look” that you’re trying to put together. Here are some ideas for getting inspiration on costume details.

I find it helpful to have a Pinterest board set up for my ideas, so that as I’m surfing around I can add images to the appropriate board. This way, I have a collection of different images to work from. Feel free to visit my different Pinterest boards if you want more information on my inspirations and ideas as different costumes come together. (You’ll find some other non-costuming boards up there, too.)

One trick for period costumes is to search for specific people, TV shows, or events that occurred during the time.   So rather than searching for “hippie,” search on photos of Woodstock or Haight-Ashbury.    Carol Brady had some fantastic period outfits from approximately this same era (although decidedly more matronly) and  Laugh-in or The Sonny and Cher Show would almost certainly turn up great images showing accessories, colors, and styles of the time.


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