About me

I’ve always been excited about playing “dress up.”

When I was a kid, I put a slip over my hair and was a bride.   As a teenager, I went to science fiction conventions and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and fashioned appropriate costumes for them.     I got involved in some Historic Recreation groups in college, and put together a couple of renaissance outfits.

But honestly, it’s mostly about having fun trying on different outfits – and outfits in which I’m not supposed to look like a fashion plate.

I get excited about putting costumes together, and hope that this blog is a place where my friends, and maybe a few strangers, can weigh in on the stuff that I’ve got going on, costume-wise.

Professionally, I’m a mechanical engineer – and perhaps that makes me more willing to use a can of spray paint or build my own fairy wings. But mostly I think of costuming as something completely separate from my professional life.


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