Pirate – Tricorn Hat

Now that I had the jacket and shirt, I needed a pirate hat.   I have an old, foam tricorn hat, but wanted something a little sturdier, and nicer looking for my pirate costume.   I googled around and found a tutorial that suggested buying a large women’s straw hat, covering it with fabric, and stitching the three sides up against the crown.   I won’t go into great detail, but the overview is that I used spray-on adhesive to glue donut-shaped fabric pieces to the top and bottom of the brim.   I then covered the top of the cap with fabric – also using adhesive – and wrapped the sides of the cap part with a wide strip of fabric.  Almost like a very wide hat band.

I left a few inches all around the brim on both the top and bottom pieces.  I should have just trimmed the fabric to exactly the size of the brim and painted or colored the exposed straw edge.  Instead, I cut down the top piece of fabric to the brim size, and then folded over the fabric and secured it with hot glue.  It looks great from the bottom, but the top is a mess.   Fortunately, not much of it shows once the hat now that the three corners are stitched up – but I wish I had ended up with a cleaner looking job.

The trim is just hot glued on in a single, wide strip, after the sides are sew up and tacked to the cap part.   I was looking for gold trim, but the burgundy works just as well, I think.






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