Other Aquatic Costumes

I’ve always wanted to do a clownfish-in-an-anemone costume.   And I found both halves of the costume at the same party – just not worn by the same person.

The anemone costume works quite well.   I would worry about the balloons popping, but it seemed to hold up okay.   The biggest challenge for me would be making sure that I could do basic party activities in the costume – mostly sitting down, eating, and using the restroom.   But the effect is really good.  I’m not as excited about the Nemo half of the duo, however.

This fish bonnet thing is fantastic.   It’s made of soft foam rubber – which is how it holds its shape so well – and then is covered with shimmery fabric.   I think it looks adorable, and love that the fish’s face is the wearer’s face.   The woman who made it commented that when she wore it, she couldn’t hear.  So I’d want to cut out ear holes of some sort.  I’m also sure that I’d be whacking people in the face with it if I wasn’t careful.

But if you wore BOTH the anemone outfit and a clownfish-bonnet, you’d have the clownfish-in-an-anemone costume down pat.   If it worked.

There were a few people dressed as jelly fish.   They all had some sort of wide top – a wide-brimmed hat, or in one case a clear bubble-style umbrella, with pink streamers of tentacles hanging from the edge.   Some people had lights on the top, also, which was very good.   I like that this costume doesn’t really require anything other than a single prop – an umbrella or a hat – and yet is still very effective.

In the same vein, there was  a guy dressed (and I use the term loosely) as a lantern-fish.    My photo of him didn’t come out, but he was just wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt, but he was carrying a stick with a black dangly appendage from the top, with a glowing ball at the very end.   Because the wand / stick looked SO much like a lantern-fish’s lantern, the entire costume was clearly a lantern fish.   Very clever.



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