Mermaid – Crown

I have the tail and the bra for the mermaid costume.  Now, on to the head-gear.  I had a costume tiara, and used that as a model for the mermaid crown.   First, I cut a length of wire from a coat hanger and bent it into a sort of semi-circle.  I cut a hair comb in half, and hot glued each half of the comb to one end of the wire.

Then I twisted some strands of pearls around the wire.   Using hot glue, I tacked the pearls in place about every two inches along the length of the wire.   (I just poked the tip of the gun in between the pearls and glorbed a whole bunch of glue out.  Nothing too elegant or exact.)

Finally, I laid out the shells that I wanted.   I took the main, center shell and while wearing the crown, held the shell in place in front of a mirror.   The first one I chose turned out to be WAY too big, so I was really glad that I “mocked it up,” even a little, before actually gluing it on.

I’m very pleased with the results.    There were a couple of other accessories that fell into place to make the costume complete.




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