The Snail Shells – Painting

Having constructed the basic form of the snail shells, I now needed to paint them.   First, I make a little tiny snail shell out of a balloon and a paper cup.  I painted that first, so that I could be sure that I liked the color.   And for paint, I used leftover paint samples that I had in the basement.  I painted my bathroom a teal color, and still had some pint jars of sample teal colors, and went out and purchases a black pint to use for shading.


So the mock-up shell itself looks awful.   but I like the color, and while the shading is too heavy, it’ll probably look better on a much larger shell.   Plus, I can always just paint over the whole thing, right?


Here are the two snail shells with the first coat of paint.   I actually used the wrong shade of teal, but it didn’t matter.  You can also see the two backpacks that I bought in the corner of the picture.  I’ll get to those later.


And here is what one of the shells looks like completely painted.   I made the grey color by mixing black and teal paints.    In order to make the dark color fade a little bit, I painted a solid grey line in the groove of the shell (or where the groove was supposed to be) and then smudged the edge of the line with a wet rag before the paint dried.   It makes the edges fuzzy and – to my eye – look more like shadows.    I also made the shadow line get smaller as it got to the top, and in those places where there wasn’t actually a groove (but should have been), I just lightly drew it in.

The next step is figure out the best way to actually wear these shells.






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