1970’s Outfits

Just for completeness, I thought I’d add a couple of costumes that I’ve worn in the last couple of years that are 1970’s themed.   Or close enough.

I’ve realized that the “classic” clothing style of a particular decade is really what’s trendy with the youth at that time.   1950’s is bobby socks and poodle skirts.   1960’s is beads and long hair and paisley.   But no one over 30 would be wearing that stuff.   And I am no longer able to pull an under-30 look.   What I want to do is dress like the mother of whoever is wearing those outfits.   A trendy mother.  An attractive mother.   But a mother.

I was invited to a 1970’s themed birthday party, so I started pulling 1970’s outfits out of the thrift shop when I found them.    My goal?  Dress like Carol Brady.

Photos of what I ended up with are below, just to give you an idea of how you can dress very much in the style of an era, but without looking like a 20 year old.   The photos aren’t great – but you still get the gist.

















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