Fake Two-character Costume

When done really well, a costume that uses part of your body as one element and part as another (horse and rider, for example) can be really good.   But it needs to be done well.

And for me, it needs to meet all sorts of other criteria.   Can I sit down?   Could I dance?  Can I use the rest room without needing to take the whole thing off?

While I don’t particularly care for any of these, I like the general idea of how they are put together.   And they seem to meet my criteria – unlike the old horse-and-rider version where your legs become the horses front legs, but your torso and head are those of the rider.   The most effective one – and the one that makes the most sense – is the Bavarian Beer guy, I think.   Why would someone be riding on the shoulders of a snowman or a teddy bear?     But I don’t like drinking-themed outfits.

So I’m just going to park this here until I decide who the lower person should be.




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