Sarah Connor

In my last post, I showed how I painted this ENORMOUS toy gun.  I realized at the time that the gun really was the costume.  I just needed the appropriate character to carry it.   I settled on two possible options – Ripley (Signourney Weaver) in Alien, or Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator Two.  It was really just a race to see which outfit I could put together faster.

Ripley would involve a gray flight suit, whereas Sarah Connor would require black cargo pants, a black tank top, mirrored sunglasses and some sort of black boot.   Sarah won.

I won’t go into all the details on putting the costume together – because there are very few.   The remaining pieces (pants, top, shoes, belt, etc) were very straightforward.   I went to the thrift shop and the next thing you know, I have everything I need.  (Less so with the gray flight suit.)

Here is the final result.


Sarah best

And here are a couple other photos to show the relative size of the gun, and how it was strapped to my back.  These are not great photos – but they’ll give you the idea, at least.     As you may remember, if there is a critical prop involved in a costume, I like to be able to physically wear the prop.  Otherwise, I’m likely to put it down during a party and lose the whole concept of the costume.    Since, in this case, the gun pretty much WAS the costume, it was essential that it be with me the entire time.

Sarah back

Sarah 1













The one thing that I would do, if I had more time, is to change the location of one of the rings for the strap on the gun.   You’ll see that the strap connects to the very front of the barrel (good) and then about 3/4 of the way along the top (not so good).   If the strap connected to the very very back of the gun (at the “top” of the gun in the picture on the right), it would lay along  my back almost vertically.   As it was, I was knocking the back end of the gun into people, doorways, etc. etc.

But now I’m nit picking.    I got plenty of compliments on the weapon, the paint job, and the costume as a whole.   So I’m satisfied.


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