Quick 1980’s Costume(s)

I was invited to a 1980’s themed surprise party, scheduled for the same weekend that my sister was in town.  So we hit the thrift shops, confident that we could find something.

My original intent had been to find a long-sleeved dress with shoulder pads,  a large white bib and elastic at the waist and wrists.   Like with the prohibition-era outfit, I wanted to put something together that was at least vaguely age-appropriate.   Bangle bracelets, tutu’s and head bows (think Madonna) were certainly popular, but really only in the 25 and under crowd.   Professional women were wearing big shoulder pads, and were commuting wearing tennis shoes.

Unfortunately, we struck out on the 1980’s professional wear – but instead found numerous “preppy” outfits.      And what makes this costume really excellent, I think, is that there were two of us.   There is something added when two or more people come in costumes that match.  Even if the costumes stand on their own – as these do – the fact that we arrived as our own little clique added an extra element to the costume that would not have been there if one of us had come dressed as Madonna and the other as a professional office worker.Preppy 1


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