20th Century Stuff in my Costume Closet

I plan on throwing a “Downton to Disco” party at some point.   People would be invited to come dressed as their favorite decade.    (Sounds like fun, right?)   So I went rummaging through my costume closet to see what odds and ends I had – in case folks wanted to borrow them.   Here are the results!

This is one of my personal favorites.  It’s a vintage 1960’s or 1970’s blouse.  It’s a bit small – but almost fits me on top and I’m about a size 10.   The sleeves feel short, but I can work with that.     I’d pair it with a pair of white pants.    And I’d consider a wide, white head band or head scarf, to complete the look.

70s Blouse 2

This second blouse is quite similar – same time period.   It’s quite a bit larger – too large for me, really.   And again, I’d just pair it with white pants and a white head scarf.

70s Blouse 1

In keeping with the bright colors of the 1960’s and 1970’s, here is a FABULOUS dress that I recently acquired.   It just barely fits me – and at 5 feet 7 inches, I’m perhaps a tad too tall to wear it.   The waist hits me a bit high, and the length is about 2 inches short.    I love the flare of the sleeves, though.      I’d wear it with brown sandals or, better yet, bare feet.

60's Dress

And again, from about the same time period but from a VERY different socio-economic demographic, here is a dress that is almost a house coat.   Again, it just fits me – perhaps a tiny bit tight in the belly – and I wear either a size 8 or a size 10 dress.     I like how dorky it is, honestly.


50s Dress

I love these pants.   They are an extra-large, but I think that probably means about a size 14 or 16?  It’s been a long time since I tried them on.   I had thought that I would wear them with a black turtle neck.

60's Pants

This skirt is tiny tiny tiny.   It’s a wrap around, but it’s got to be smaller than a size 6.    I definitely can’t fit into it – even if I were to be flexible on how much wrapping around I did with it.   But that fabric!   It’s amazing!

70s Skirt


For those who might want to go more hippy-style, I’ve got a loose-fitting long skirt.  I’m not sure what I’d pair it with on top.  Perhaps just a brown t-shirt?  It’s got an elastic waste band, so the sizing should be pretty flexible.   And it used to fit me back when I was a size 14 or so.


60s Skirt

For those who might want something a bit more classical, I’ve got this dress that I’ve always thought of as the Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farms dress.    It’s the sort of thing you’d wear if you were going to sit out in a field of poppies reading a book.   It’s sort of an off-the-shoulder number  – long and flowing.   And again, it used to fit me when I was a couple sizes larger, so I’m betting it’s maybe a size 14?


Antique-y Dress

Finally, I still have The Go-Go Girl dress, as well as The Gatsby Costume.     The Go-Go Girl dress fit me when I was a 14 or a 16, and The Gatsby Dress is large – but is supposed to be roomy if you want to keep with the era.

I’m planning on wearing something from this collection – or possibly one of my vintage 1950’s dresses.    Not sure yet – so everything is up for grabs!


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