Gatsby Costume – Post-Final-Version

A month or two after the Gatsby Party, I found (thrifting, of course) the dress that I wish that I had in my closet for this costume.    Just for fun, I put the dress and accessories on again – to see if I liked it any better.   I think it’s perfect.

Better Dress


And just to prove that no costume is ever COMPLETELY finished – here is the post-post final version, worn about a year later.   The only differences are that I took the rhinestones off of the black bow on the dress, and added black hose.    I’d say that I think this much be the very final version – but I know that is tempting fate.

This isn’t a fabulous picture – you can’t see the bow at all, rhinestones or no rhinestones – but I think you can definitely get the overall feel of the final costume.   And I am really surprised how much more modest (and thus appropriate) the black hose make the outfit.




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