Gatsby Costume – Final Version

So what did I finally wear?     Long sleeves, no gloves, and the cloche.   I also added a second set of long pearls, the pearl bracelet and an escort in a white dinner jacket.

I was exactly the right amount of “dressed up” – clearly  in keeping with the party theme, but not really tarted up (the way some of the women were) and not super “costume-y.”     I was the ONLY one at the party wearing a cloche – and I got compliments from total strangers about how much they liked it.

My only regret is that they had some period cars in front of the party as we were coming in.   By the time we thought to get photos taken standing in front of them, they were gone.    A good reminder to seize the photo-op when you can.

I have only one or two photos from the party, and they are a bit blurry – but here is the best one.

At Party

UPDATE:    Be sure to check out the Post-Final Version, too!


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