Gatsby Costume – The Cloche.

At the request of some friends, I went out looking for a cloche – a bell-shaped hat that is very characteristic of the 1920’s.    And low and behold, I found one.


I’m very pleased.  It’s black, so it goes with the black dress option I had been considering.   And it also saves me from having to work out some sort of head piece.    Unfortunately, having recently lost a lot of weight, I don’t have a little black dress to act as a base garment.    I’ve tried out several combinations of outfits – long sleeves, short sleeves, long gloves, short gloves.   Let me know what you think.

The first two photos show me with a long-sleeved top and black skirt – with and without gloves.

Long sleeves gloves

Long sleeves no gloves

And here is the same idea, but with a short-sleeved top. In this case, I’ve taken the plunge and gone with long gloves (since they won’t overlap with long sleeves.) I also have black long and short gloves, but neither of those looked quite right to my eye.

Short sleeves gloves

Short sleeves no gloves


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