Gatsby Costume

Unexpectedly, I’ve been invited to attend a cocktail party with instructions to wear “cocktail dress or prohibition-era costumes” – it’s also been called a Gatsby party.     I have two days to put something together – and I feel up to the task.

I dashed out to see what the thrift store had to offer in terms of dresses.    I didn’t find EXACTLY what I was looking for, but I think I found something that will work.  I’ll let you be the judge.   I also have a “little black dress” that might work in a pinch.  It’s two sizes too large, but should give a general impression of what a dressed up LBD might look like.

To get the complete, but not final, affect, I also put on a string of opera-length pearls, and a fashioned a place-holder head piece out of a white head band and a scrunched up piece of tissue paper.   I’ll definitely replace that with something better before the party, but I wanted to get a broad impression of what the final outfit might look like.

One thing to think about is that attendees have the option of either coming in costume or in “cocktail attire.” My experience is that the vast majority of people, given the choice, will NOT come in costume. So in these situations, it’s better to play it a little bit safe. I’ve been the only one at the party in costume, and it’s a bit daunting. So I want to appear thematically appropriate, but not like a party decoration.

Black Gatsby Dress

Here is the little black dress with opera pearls and my silly little head band.

Blue Gatsby with Shoes

Blue Gatsby Dress

And  here is the blue dress – one picture (left) with shoes and one picture (right) without.    I’m partial to the long blue dress myself, but please let me know what you think.

Next, I’ll want some opinions on other accessories. Would they add? Or detract?


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