Gatsby Accessories

In addition to the opera-length pearls and some sort of head piece (both of which are MUSTS for this costume), I have some other odds and ends that might add, or might detract, from the complete outfit. These include long white gloves, a white fur stole, a pearl bracelet, and some pearl earrings. A photo of all (except the stole) appear below.

Gatsby Accessories

Some of these (all of these?) can really be mix and match. Do I wear the bracelet over the gloves, or alone? So here are a couple of bracelet / glove options.

Gatsby Gloves and Bracelet

Gatsby Bracelet

My personal opinion at this point is that the gloves and the bracelet would be too over-the-top for this party – and perhaps for the costume as a whole. But i wanted to throw them out there, just in case.

The other two options – the stole and the earrings – look like this:

Gatsby Stole

Gastby Earrings 2

I’m like the earrings a LOT more than the stole – which I think is, like the gloves and bracelet, over the top. But even the earrings might be too much. What do you think? I’ve got a little black beaded clutch that will probably work for a purse. Any other suggestions for accessories?


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