The Wedding Dress

For years, I searched the thrift stores for a wedding dress to be used as a base garment for costumes.     Tooth fairy.   Corpse bride.   Bride of Frankenstein.   That sort of thing.

The criteria were that the dress fit me without alternation, that it be less than about $50, and that it clearly be a wedding dress.    This was the first dress that I found that met those criteria – with an interesting coincidence thrown in to boot.

The interesting story goes like this. When I finally found this dress, I was raving about it to one of my girlfriends. I described the dress, and how excited I was about it. “Where did you find it,” she asked. “Salvation Army,” I replied. “Emily, I think I used to own that wedding dress.” Yes indeed. Turns out I had purchased a wedding dress that she had thrifted the week before. To be clear, it was NOT the actual dress she was married in. She had purchased this dress, after not being able to find quite the style and cut of dress that she really wanted. Of course, as fate would have it, she did eventually find the dress she really wanted – but was then stuck with two dresses. So it was a win-win all around.

Here is an image of the back and side as well. It has a bit of a train, which I could not figure out how to pin up – so I stitched it up.


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