The Base Rivulette Garments

As I mentioned before, I found these amazing go-go boots in a thrift shop, and always thought that I could turn them into part of a Super Hero outfit. Unfortunately, one of my basic costuming rules is that I want a costume that is recognizable, and that I don’t have to explain every two minutes. And I couldn’t find any popular Super Hero costumes that required powder blue go-go boots.

But I did not lose faith, and still intend to put together a no-name super hero costume, for purposes that I will go into later. Most super heroines seem to have short skirts, and the outfit should be color-coordinated. With those two key guidelines in mind, I went thrifting for the basic garments that could work together as a costume.

First, the skirt. This is not the best photo, I’ll give you that. But it’s basically just a gathered, slightly pleated polyester skirt that seemed to be the right length for the outfit – mid-thigh. It hangs right, and has enough gathers that it doesn’t look like the bottom of a skirt-suit. I should mention that I was prepared to make a short, gathered skirt if necessary. It would really only take a few minutes to put together – but lucked into this one before I had a chance to make one. Another option would have been to find a longer skirt and hem it up dramatically.

Next, the top. I had planned on bringing the boots along on a thrift shopping trip, so that I could match the color. I ended up accidentally thrifting without them, and that’s probably a good thing. They aren’t EXACTLY the right shade of powder blue, but in retrospect, I could have spent a lot of time working on the correct shade of blue, rather than just getting the shape and style right. I feel that these are close enough to work, and either is the right style to support a super heroine costume.

At the moment, I’m undecided about a cape. It seems like a pretty basic garment for a super-heroine, but I’m not convinced that it would hang right. Also, since I don’t intend to actually wear this outfit for more than a photo shoot, I’m not sure that it would show in the picture. Finally, if necessary, I’ll either go to the fabric store, buy a length of appropriately-colored fabric, and mock one up for the photograph, or I’ll thrift for a large garment that is the right color and just us the fabric to construct a rough cape.

So now, with the exception of a possible cape, I have the basic outfit. Next step would be to fill in the accessories.


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