The Rivulette Accessories

Since this super heroine outfit is meant to be wastewater themed, I needed accessories that implied that she was watery and industrial. I knew that I wanted her to be carrying either a toilet plunger or a fishing net as a main accessory – and since this was just for a photograph, I had no concerns about breaking my no-accessories-that-you-carry-but-don’t-wear rule. I also had envisioned a looped up hose attached to her belt as a sort of Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth thing. You’ll see that in the final image.

The other accessories that I wanted were black rubber gloves, and goggles or maybe a mask. I hit the web looking for black rubber gloves. While there is a lot of black rubber fetish gear out there, I definitely wanted to stay away from anything at all provocative with this outfit – and I didn’t want to pay fetish-gear prices, either. I ended up finding these on ebay. They were sold as military surplus, and while they are a bit shorter than I wanted, they have that industrial, grimy look that I was going for.

I also wanted to do SOMETHING with the face. I tried wearing some chemical goggles, but I didn’t like the look of them on my face. At the same time, a super-heroine needs to wear something to obscure her identity, so I grabbed a spare mask that I had and cut it down a bit. A note about the mask. My husband and I go to a costume masquerade each year. The rule is that you must come in costume, or in formal wear with a mask. Last year, I failed to put together a costume (hard to imagine, I know) so I made us a couple of masks for a ball. At JoAnn’s Fabrics I found some excellent, cheap black masks and bought three or four of them. For the masquerade, I used a hot glue gun to put trim on the edge of the masks. Below, you can see the two masks that I trimmed, the trim that I used, and the cut-down super-heroine mask, as well.

Because the goggles were so very appropriate for the costume, though, I wore them hanging around my neck. They give the top of the costume a little more balance, and help to maintain the watery theme.


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