The Can-can Girl

My husband and I attend a Mardi Gras costume masquerade each year.    There is always a theme, and two years ago the theme was “Moulin Rouge:  Paris 1910.”    So I decided that I would make myself a can-can girl costume.

The first thing that I did was surf the web for images of can-can girl outfits.   Much to my dismay, most of what I found were some pretty sexed-up little costumes.  I wanted something that looked a bit more authentic than that.   I found a photo of a costume by another costumer that was just exactly what I was looking for.  I tried to reach out to the woman who posted the photo, but have been unable to reach her, so I’m hesitant to publish the picture here.    But trust me when I tell you that I pretty much copied her design – from the shoes (which I found at the thrift shop) all the way to the hair.

The basis of the costume was a two-piece burgundy brides maid dress.   I kept the bustier intact, and simply tacked some lace, buttons, eyelets and lacing onto it to make it look like a lace-up bustier.     I cut apart the skirt for the bridesmaid dress  – both the skirt itself and the lining – and used them as the ruffles for the underside of the skirt, which is just a velvet skirt that I found thrift.

Also thrift, I found a black off-the-shoulder shirt to wear underneath the bustier, and then added accessories – the choker necklace and the fishnet hose.   Overall, I’m very pleased with the look.

I also modified the skirt to be a drawstring waist, so that it could be worn by people who aren’t exactly my dress size.

Here are some pictures of the final piece:

Can-can Ruffles

I also took pictures of the front and back so you can see the whole garment / outfit.

Can-can Front

Can-can Back


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