1950’s dress

So this isn’t a “real” costume, but it’s sort of one.  So I suppose I’ll post it.

One of the things that I come upon sometimes when I’m searching through thrift shops is vintage clothing.    It’s always a treat for me to find a REAL vintage dress.    Something with a United Garment Worker tag in it.   Something sewn before all store-bought clothes seemed to be sewn with serger machines.

One thing that is true for all these garments, however, is that the sizes are considerably skewed for when the American population was much thinner.    I typically wear about a size 12, and I could NEVER fit into a vintage size 12.    Another thing that seems to be true about a lot of vintage wear is that it is designed to be worn over some pretty heavy-duty foundation garments.     They seem to require an unhuman body shape – undoubtedly acquired by women by wearing some pretty supportive, elastic, and rugged undergarments.

So I was thrilled when I found this:

At the same store, I found some little matching sandals.   And my girlfriends have convinced me that, with the right attitude, I could probably wear this outfit at a dinner party or cocktail party.  It’s definitely vintage, but it actually fits, and is the sort of thing that I actually would have worn, had I been dressing myself for events 50 or 60 years ago.



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