The Rivulette Belt

One thing I realized while envisioning my super hero outfit is that it would need a belt. As a result, I’ve been on the look out for a wide, shiny belt in silver or black or powder blue that would cover the rather sloppy top of the skirt, and tie the base garments together. My search was rewarded with this:

It meets all my criteria. Black. Shiny. It’s even got nice silver grommets. Now that I’ve got a silver element, I’m going to stay away from gold accessories and think silver. And even better – it fits me. It’s actually a bit large, but I’m hoping that I can either cinch it up in the back when I photograph this costume, or that I’ll find accessories to stick into the belt so that the extra width will be taken up by the accessories.

Other options that I considered include finding a wrong-colored belt and painting it gold or silver or glossy black, or going to the fabric store and buying some shiny black vinyl and some wide black elastic to make my own belt.

Note that these other options will NOT result in a great-looking belt. But the idea here is not to create a costume that would pass a detailed inspection. I think that the outfit needs a belt, and anything that creates the general impression of a wide shiny belt would probably work for this costume.


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