I realized at some point that while I had posted the spray painting of the guns for my intergalactic bounty hunter costume, I never published the whole costume. The photos that I have are not very good, but you can see the effect. Aside from the guns, other key elements include:

The amazing little jump-suit-like thing that I found.  This is really what started this whole costume, and it came just as you see it (if you can see it in the pictures), belt and all.

The short silver trench coat.   I had intended to make a cape, but this was just perfect for this outfit.

The black boots – which are just plain old shiny black boots that I got from the thrift shop.  Nothing special.

The gun strap is just a piece of elastic.  I’m not sure that I even sewed it – it may be pinned together with a safety pin.

The hair.   I tried to do “big hair” – in the spirit of Barbarella.    I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I’ve put up three nearly identical pictures, just for completeness and my records.  Enjoy!

photo (2) photo (3) photo

I’ll try pre-dating this so that it appears closer to the gun-spray-painting info.


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