The go-go dress

So I found these fabulous, powder blue go-go boots in my size at the thrift store, and I knew that they would make a great centerpiece for at least one – maybe two or three – costumes.    The next step?   Find the next major garment to put a costume together.   So I began looking for a go-go dress in my size (14+).    Key things that I was looking for:

It needed to be a go-go dress.   By this I mean that it needed to be instantly recognizable as a go-go outfit.   Wild patterns.   Short hemline.   I didn’t care if it was long-sleeve or short-sleeve, or what the exact pattern was.    When you are looking for a pre-made garmet to “go with” some other element (in this case, boots), you need to have some minimum criteria and then be really flexible with all the other details – or you need to be ready to sew your garment.

It needed to have some blue – ideally powder blue – in the pattern somewhere.   I already had the boots, and the dress would need to somehow coordinate with the boots.

I needed to be able to wear it myself.    In other words, I was somewhat limited by size.

Note that “it didn’t make me look like a complete fool” was NOT one of the criteria here.    Of course I’m going to look like a fool – I’m putting together a go-go outfit.    What I needed to avoid was looking like an uncoordinated fool, or a fool in an ill-fitting outfit.

And so I found this number.      It was blue, and had light blue in it.  It was short.   With wild sixties-ish patterns.     I should point out that this is not a vintage dress.   I don’t know its exact provenance – it was thrift, after all.    But the material and the tag makes me think that it’s only a few years old.    Still, it fit the bill.

I did find this dress in the women’s section of the store – but if I were a smaller woman, it might have been worth while to expand my search into the girls section.   They seem to have softer colors (although less blue) and wild patterns.   You need to keep a very open mind when you’re looking for some of these base garments.  Otherwise, you end up on an eternal search for the “perfect” dress to match the shoes (or vice versa) and the whole costume just never comes together.

With that said, I was thrilled.


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