The go-go accessories

Now that I had the boots, and the dress, I needed the rest of the outfit.    The boots and dress would make the costume immediately recognizable as a go-go girl, but it’s the little details that take a costume from good to great.

Earrings, bracelets, glasses and handbag for the go-go girl.

Here is where Pinterest and the Interwebs actually can make costuming harder.    I don’t think that “real” go-go girls would carry a handbag, or even wear sun glasses.   And the images that you get for “go-go girls” are typically canned costumes – sold as a set .    But I wanted as much early-1970’s type accessories on board to complete the look.    So I just imagined what I thought a go-go girl would carry or wear – bangle bracelets, for example, and sought some out that matched the outfit.    Opaque plastic jewelry can have a very 1970’s feel to it, and these turned up thrift, so I went with them.    I knew that I’d want hoop earrings.   Powder-blue button earrings would also have seemed appropriate for the time, but didn’t seem young enough for the costume.

One trick for period costume ideas is to search for specific people, TV shows, or events that occurred during the time.   So rather than searching for “hippie,” search on photos of Woodstock or Haight-Ashbury.    Carol Brady had some fantastic period outfits from approximately this same era (although decidedly more matronly) and  Laugh-in or The Sonny and Cher Show would almost certainly turn up great images showing accessories, colors, and styles of the time.

And let me reiterate here what I mention on the What I am Not page, I am not a stickler for exact historic accuracy.    The idea here is to create an overall image that goes with the costume.     The right accessory – the white leather hip purse for the go-go girl – helps make the costume complete.   And a completely wrong accessory – Sherlock Holmes wearing a Swatch – can interfere with the whole look that you’re going for.


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