Starting at the beginning … with go-go boots.

These boots were a FAB-u-lous find at the thrift store, no?

I was driving to the thrift store today to try to find a pale blue top to match my pale blue go-go boots.   I’m working on putting together a sort of superhero costume that somehow involves both my go-go boots and water.  (Why?   That’s a story for a later post when I’m not just messing around with this blogging software and instead am actually, you know, blogging.)   My first thought was “I need to remember to keep my eyes peeled for silver, ankle-length booties for that Barbarella-meets-Lara-Croft number that I’m working on.”

My second thought was something like “Wow, I’m really kind of a weirdo.  How many 47-year-old women go shopping for superhero costumes AND silver booties for two different outfits at the same time?”

My third thought?   I should probably capture some of this weirdness and start a blog.  Not really to communicate with anyone, but rather to keep all the costumes that I’m putting together straight – at least in my own head.    And maybe give the media some fodder for when I’m found in a ditch dressed in pale blue go-go boots and a pair of chemical goggles.

So that’s what I’m planning to do (the blogging, not the found-in-a-ditch part).   No guarantees on how long it keeps up.   But I seem to have a real passion for costumes.  I have some thoughts on what makes a good versus a maybe not-quite-as-good costume.   And I have an attic full of costumes that I’ve put together.   so we’ll give this a whirl.

I suppose I should have thought of goals or somehow planned this blog.   And I do have some vague plans.  Use this site to solicit input from friends on my costumes as they come together.    Track the history of how some of the costumes that I put together get created.  Have a place to store ideas for new costumes, and lessons learned from the old ones.  Potentially gain fame and simultaneously humiliate myself by posting pictures of my self in the aforementioned go-go boots online (where all photos last forever, don’t you know?)

In the meantime, though, I’m just going start creating some costumes, post the process online, and see what happens.


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