Go-go hair and make-up

I’m not much of a make-up person.   In fact, when I turned 45, I had a slumber party and had one of my bestest girl friends show me how to do make-up.   She started by throwing out 90% of the make-up that I had, which tells you something about my taste in make-up.

Not the best photo – but you can see the bright pink lipstick and the big hair.

So I asked her to help me with the go-go look.    The first thing she did – and it’s the first thing you should do for a period costume, or almost any costume that requires you to be a human – is surf web images for hair and make-up.   Cowardly Lion?  Not so much.  Super-heroine, Greek goddess or go-go girl?  Definitely.

We decided on HOT pink lipstick and long fake eye-lashes with heavy eyeliner for the make-up.    We also decided on very little other make-up.   Seems like the overall faces at that time were pretty clean and fresh – it was all eyelashes and lips.

And for the hair?  I learned about bump-its.   These are plastic inserts that you put underneath your real hair to make it look big and full.    And I could almost do them by myself – which is saying something.    And wow, do they make your hair look BIG!

Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts

Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts

What I learned for the first time from this experience is that the little hair and make-up details can also have a huge impact on the overall effect of the costume.   Again, I’m not much of a hair-and-makeup person, which only made the impact of the over-done hair and lipstick that much more effective.   A good lesson for me.


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